From Joe Bird

Your friend and mine, Joe Bird, sends along these comments about his comments in this morning’s class:

Joe Bird says:
In class today in talking about the importance of teaching and education in the church, I used a poor analogy to try to make a point.  In discussing the use of music versus teaching, I said it was like dessert versus meat.  That’s not right at all.  Music is as much “meat” as teaching is.  Music is not only a meaningful way to worship God, but it also touches us.  It nourishes the spirit and lifts our emotions in ways that complement the intellectual learning that should also be a part of our worship. We are so blessed at our church to have so much sincere and beautiful expressions of music.
Thanks for letting me wander into your class from time to time.
Two things, Joe:
1.   Amen to your observations about the music ministry in our church.  We are indeed blessed to have so much willing talent and for all of it to be under the competent and careful supervision of Tom Hollinger.
2.    I am not the only one who wishes that your visits to our class were more frequent than “from time to time.”
Finally, kiddos, if anyone else has something to add to the discussion, send it to me by email and I’ll post it here.

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