I Swear I Did Not Plan This

This morning we were discussing the pros and cons of “contemporary” worship styles.  I mentioned that I thought Andy Crouch had some interesting things to say on the point in his fine book Playing God.

I opened that book again this evening and found the passage I was looking for.  Here it is:

The granting of the power of amplification to “worship teams” in American Christianity has done more than anything since the Protestant Reformation to undermine congregational song.  Once Protestants were known for their lively and joyful corporate singing, but today in many of our largest and most imitated churches the only music worth admiring comes from multithousand-watt sound systems while the vast majority of image bearers [the congregation] in the room sing weakly or not at all.  Who can doubt that when power is concentrated in the hands or voices of the few, the total amount of image bearing in the institution often diminishes rather than flourishes.

That’s what I was mentioning in class this morning, but when I got home I found this email from Jenny (she made it to Louisville fine, by the way) linking to an article that she found on Julie McClure’s Facebook page titled “Why They Don’t Sing On Sunday Anymore.”  Here is the link to that.  Click here.

I swear I did not plan this, had no idea it was coming.


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