Psalm 42: Review and Preview

Last Sunday we began our study of Psalm 42 by considering the nature of the Psalmist’s religion.

We said, first of all, that the Psalmist’s religion was a personal faith. It was experiental – based at least in part on the experience of God in life. His faith is no second hand faith. The Psalmist has known answered prayer. He has known deliverance. He has known repentance.

We also observed that the Psalmist’s faith was emotional. It was passionate. His longing for God is as strong as an animal’s thirst.

Third, we noticed the honesty of the Psalmist’s relationship with God. He did not put a happy face on his pain and disappointment as he addressed God.

Next Sunday we will talk about what this Psalm may say about the communal or corporate nature of the Psalmist’s religion and what that may imply for our lives.


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